SGTO1 Ultraefficiant
Design, Consulting, CNC Cutting, Plug, Mould, and Part Construction

A purely gas engine car achieving 100 mpg to compete in the Progressive X Prize. Born in Washington State, by Joe Justice a previous interation of this car competed in the X Prize and ultimately came in tenth place. After the X Prize it was brought to my attention to design a body and build it. Made of carbon fiber with a core material this body is light enough that one person can pick it up.

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RC Turbine

RC Turbine

Mosquito ATX
Design, Plug, Mould, and Part Construction

MohrComposites redesigned a section of the original internal structure and constructed the master and moulds to create this aircraft's fully composite skin.

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Robert Mohrbacher

Robert Mohrbacher

Mohrbacher Composites would like to help you with your design and/or build project.  Our expert CAD user can visualize your specifications to hard copy for presentation.  As an accomplished artist and hands- on builder with an engineering background, I can apply an accurate, detailed, and realistic approach to difficult, even nearly impossible ideas.  Mohrcomposites likes to think outside the box, coming up with imaginative innovative solutions to problem-solving.

Mohrcomposites offers CNC Foam Cutting services with our own designed four-axis hotwire CNC machine.  This machine was designed and built specifically for our needs.  This machine was built  for accuracy and is able to cut anything that a hotwire can safely pass through.  Many Mohrcomposites and private customer projects have been produced from this machine.

Mohrcomposites also offers composite construction.  We will sculpt a model of anything you could dream of:   Aircraft bodies, Car bodies, formed tubes, etc., etc., etc.  After a model is constructed, mold construction is the next step.  Mohrcomposites is able to produce molds for mass production of parts.  Parts can be crafted out of carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar and any other type of composite construction that can be imagined.

CNC Foam Cutting
Plug and Mould Construction


Robert Mohrbacher
Rockville, MD

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