Mohrbacher Composites would like to help you with your aircraft design and/or build project.  Our expert CAD user can visualize your specifications to hard copy for presentation.  As an accomplished artist and hands- on builder with an engineering background, I can apply an accurate, detailed, and realistic approach to difficult ideas.  Mohrcomposites likes to think outside the box, coming up with imaginative innovative solutions to problem-solving.

Mohrcomposites offers CNC Foam Cutting services with our own designed four-axis hotwire CNC machine.  This machine was built  for accuracy and is able to cut anything that a hotwire can safely pass through.  Complicated wing cores with multiple spar holes are easily cut.

Mohrcomposites also offers composite construction.  We will sculpt a model of anything you could dream of:   Aircraft bodies, Car bodies, formed tubes, etc., etc., etc.  After a model is constructed, mold construction is the next step.  Mohrcomposites is able to produce molds for mass production of parts.  Parts canHatch be crafted out of carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar and any other type of composite construction that can be imagined. Please click on the links below services to learn more.

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CNC Foam Cutting
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