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CNC Hotwire & CNC Milling


CNC Foam Cutting

Four axis hot wire CNC cutting

Wing cores, wing molds, spar cores, spar sleeve molds, and much more. This highly accurate machine can be used to cut anything that a hot wire can pass through safely.  The machine uses servos paired with high resolution encoders to give accurate and repeatable results.

Four axis CNC milling

X, Y, Z milling with an X axis rotation, specifically built for mold making in foam and other materials.

Send us an email with your requirements or use the quote form. A response is usually made within twenty-four hours of receiving your email. Mohrcomposites will send you a quote and upon request, before any cutting is performed, a 3d pdf drawing (sample) of a virtual cut of your design will be sent for approval. Depending on complexity and quantity, the parts usually take a week to produce.

Foam Wing cores

Are you in need of foam wing cores for your killer project?  No shape is too difficult, no spar holes or depressions too complicated.  We have cut many wing cores ranging from RC aircraft for individuals to experimental aircraft for the larger companies.   All types of foams are available for cutting. 

Need pockets cut into your foam core wings?  We can cut servo pockets, landing gear pockets of varying depths, wire paths, access pockets for locking spar tubes, leading edge slots....


Advance your wing design

With CNC hotwire cutting, you can create a lighter, stronger wing.   

Composites offer substantial advantages in the combination of lightness and strength; carbon fiber is, strand for strand, stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum .  A small amount of carbon fiber placed in strategic areas can add significant strength and flexibility to your wing and with CNC cutting, we are able to accurately place depressions and or slots in these key areas where the carbon material can be inlaid, which would be impossible with a hand hotwire cutter. The only way this could be successfully done and make a difference is with advanced CNC cutting.

If you are in need of a lighter, stronger wing, or just want to research and develop, Mohrcomposites can help you advance your design.  Our CNC machines are designed and built in our facility. They are specifically tailored to meet your needs and offer accurate repeatable cutting.  Coupled with advanced and custom software, we can advance your wing design and produce it.  This is what we can do for you! If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. 


What can we do for you?



Monrovia, Maryland

Email us:

Call us:  301-252-4614

All concepts, documents, discussions, and files are kept confidential

EPS 1 to 3lb

XPS 1.5 to 3lb

PVC H45 3lb

Urethane 6 to 20lb

EPP 1.3 to 1.9lb

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